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Ex-libris signed by Alice: Portrait of Elisabeth (Sketch)


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Ex-libris signed by Alex Alice: The Third Testament - Portrait of Elisabeth (Sketch).
Ex-libris belonging to the series The Third Testament and highlighting one of its main characters: Elisabeth of Elsenor.
Medium: Thick vellum paper

Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm

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The Third Testament is a series created by Xavier Dorison (original idea and screenplay) and Alex Alice (screenplay, drawing, and coloring), published in 4 volumes by Glénat starting from 1997.
In the early 14th century, the quest for a mysterious manuscript by Elisabeth d'Elsenor, a young girl, and Conrad de Marbourg, a scholar, takes place in a time where any questioning of the Christian religion is considered blasphemy that leads to suffering, torture, and the stake.
With a realistic historical background and real people, such as Conrad de Marbourg who was the German Grand Inquisitor, The Third Testament cannot help but evoke the works of Umberto Eco.
It is worth noting that the series' significant success allowed other authors interested in esoteric quests to find a favorable audience with publishers later on.

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