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Poster Emem: Renaissance - Interzone
Poster Emem: Renaissance - Interzone - Poster

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Poster Emem: Renaissance - Interzone - Framed poster

Framed poster
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Poster Emem: Renaissance - Interzone


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Art Poster by Emem: Renaissance - Interzone.
Cover of Volume 2 of the science-fiction series Renaissance, titled Interzone.
Material: thick satin paper.

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm

Frame option:
The frame is made of smooth black wood with a flat profile, 2.5 cm wide.
Frame made in France.

Renaissance is a sci-fi series whose narration begins on our small blue planet in 2084, when climate change, pollution, and excessive consumption have reduced Earth to a vast open-air dump, where humans are sick from their success that has become irreversible scars inflicted on their planet. The Federation of Mammalian Intelligences (a kind of extraterrestrial UN) decides to intervene to save what can still be saved... This is how Swänn, a young idealist from a planet that is the equivalent of our "Garden of Eden" era, arrives in Texas where oil wells are on fire and where he meets Liz, a woman, firefighter, wife, and mother! Their meeting confronts two different ways of seeing, understanding, and wanting. Renaissance is currently available in 6 volumes (two cycles of three volumes): 1 - Uprooted 2 - Interzone 3 - Permafrost 4 - Sui Juris 5 - The hybrids 6 - The Ouröbörös Written by Fred Duval and illustrated by Emem, the series has become a true reference for many science fiction comic book enthusiasts. Renaissance has successfully met the challenge of renewing the genre, following in the footsteps of Mézières and Moebius.

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