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Art Print Enki Bilal: 5 Past Heures 5


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Artwork by Enki Bilal: 5 Past Heures 5.
Poster from the portfolio 7 Past Heures 7, published by 1001 Editions in 1991.
The portfolio features visuals from the Nikopol Trilogy, which includes the albums The Carnival of Immortals, The Woman Trap, and Cold Equator.
Material: thick vellum paper.

Year: 1991 Dimensions: 33 x 44 cm

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"The Nikopol Trilogy" is a science fiction comic series created by Enki Bilal. It follows the adventures of Nikopol, a young man living in a near future where France has become a totalitarian dictatorship. In this oppressive world, Nikopol becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the ruling regime. The series consists of three albums: "The Immortals' Fair," "The Woman Trap," and "Cold Equator." In each of these albums, Nikopol faces challenges and dangers as he uncovers secrets about his past and the origins of the dictatorship. Enki Bilal's style is immediately recognizable due to his dark and detailed drawings, which bring the dystopian world of the Nikopol Trilogy to life. His panels are often filled with references to history and culture, adding an extra dimension to the story. "The Nikopol Trilogy" is a thrilling series that explores themes such as freedom, rebellion, and the fight against oppression. It has been widely acclaimed by critics and has become a classic of science fiction comics.

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