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André Franquin Art Print : Marsupilami, Les héritiers


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Fine Art print in a limited edition of 500 copies
Support : thick vellum ragpaper

Dimensions : 50 x 100 cm

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The Marsupilami is a comic strip series created in 1952 by André Franquin and published in the Belgian youth newspaper "Spirou". In 1987, the Marsupilami had its own series, with a script by Yann and drawings by Nicolas Loup. Since then, many writers and illustrators have participated in the creation of the series, such as Batem and Jidéhem. It is published by Marsu Productions. It features an imaginary animal with the behavior of a marsupial like the kangaroo and the habit of making nests in trees like gorillas. The Marsupilami is also amphibious like marine mammals and has a coat similar to that of a feline. Finally, it has exceptional intelligence compared to that of great apes. The Marsupilami lives in the jungle of Palombia, South America, and is very endearing and very popular with readers. The series follows the adventures of this colorful character and his friends, Spirou and Fantasio, as they explore the jungle and encounter many colorful characters. Find the Marsupilami, this adorable and mischievous creature imagined and drawn by Franquin and then entrusted to Batem in our vast selection of art posters, pigment prints, screen prints, postcards and Funky Frames. Carefully chosen and selected articles for you from our publishers.

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