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Juillard Serigraphy: The Seven Lives of the Sparrowhawk


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Numbered Serigraphy (on the back) of 500 copies by André Juillard: The Seven Lives of the Sparrowhawk.
Year: 1992
Medium: Thick satin paper 240g/m².

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm.

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"The 7 Lives of the Sparrowhawk" is a French comic book series consisting of 15 volumes (and 3 eras) illustrated by André Juillard (except for the last two volumes, which are the work of Milan Jovanovic) and written by Patrick Cothias. It was published by Glénat and is set at the beginning of the 17th century, around the time of Richelieu's death. The series follows the intersecting fates of a family of small Auvergne nobility and members of the royal family. The series follows the adventures of Ariane de Troïl, a young woman skilled with the sword who is fascinated by a local rebel nicknamed "the man in the mask" and "the sparrow." She faces many challenges and enemies while exploring new cultures and civilizations.

"The 7 Lives of the Sparrow" is a captivating series that combines adventure, history, and mythology. Juillard's drawing is superb and the characters are complex and likable. The story is full of twists and suspenseful moments, and it invites readers to think about themes such as friendship, loyalty, and honor. Here are the titles and release dates of the different volumes of the series :
First era
Volume 1: La Blanche Morte (1983)
Volume 2: Le Temps des Chiens (1984)
Volume 3: L'Arbre de Mai (1986)
Volume 4: Hyronimus (1988)
Volume 5: Le Maître des oiseaux (1989)
Volume 6: La Part du diable (1990)
Volume 7: La Marque du Condor (1991)
Second era
Volume 1 : La Folle et l'Assassin (1995)
Volume 2 : L'Oiseau-Tonnerre (1996)
Volume 3 : Beau-Ténébreux (2001)
Volume 4 : Ni Dieu ni Diable (2002)

Third era
Volume 1 : Quinze ans après (2014)
Volume 2 : Qu'est-ce que ce monde ? (2021)
Volume 3 : Le Fils d'Ariane (2022)
Volume 4 : Coming soon...

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