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Ex-libris signed Michetz : Kogaratsu - The Promise


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Signed and numbered Ex-libris, limited to 150 copies, by Marc Michetz: Kogaratsu - The Promise.
Ex-libris printed in Serigraphy.
Medium: Beautiful thick vellum paper, 280g/m².

Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm

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Kogaratsu is a comic book series created by Bosse (writer) and Marc Michetz (art and colors). Published in Spirou starting from February 1983, it has been released in album format by Dupuis since 1985. To date, the series consists of 13 volumes, with the last one published in 2014.
In 1610, on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, Nakamura Kogaratsu is a talented, arrogant, and promising young samurai. However, after incurring the wrath of the local shogun, whom he had fallen in love with his niece, he must flee. Becoming a ronin (masterless samurai), he travels the roads of medieval Japan, offering his services as a warrior. Over time, he becomes more mature and wiser, fighting against the injustices he encounters.
The series allows Michetz to express his passion for this imagined Japan, its martial arts, and its culture of honor.

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