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Moebius Art Print : Arzak - The Rock


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Art Print by Moebius: Arzak - The Rock.
Image highlighting the hero Arzak (sometimes spelled Arzach, but also Harzac, Harzach, or Harzack) and his famous pteroid steed.
Support : Thick Art paper Olin blanc 300g/m²

The Art Print is delivered in a rectangular tube decorated with black and white motives paying tribute to the artist.
This tube itself is inserted into another thick rectangular tube for safe transport.

Dimensions : 50 x 70 cm

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"Arzak" is a science fiction graphic novel series created by Jean Giraud, better known by his pseudonym Moebius. It was published between 1977 and 1987, in the magazine Métal Hurlant and in numerous albums. The series follows the adventures of Arzak, a solitary and mysterious hero traveling through the universe on board his ship, the Falcon. Arzak encounters many colorful characters and faces dangerous missions, all while exploring deep themes such as identity, freedom, and the quest for truth. Moebius's style, known for its precise and detailed drawings, brings to life the unique and imaginative universe of "Arzak."

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