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Moebius Singing Malourde Pigment Print Framed



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Framed pigment print titled Singing Malourde, based on imaginary creatures from the fauna of Mars, from a bestiary drawn by Moebius.
Here we find the entire universe of the Hermetic Garageunder the impulse of the famous Major Grubert, a favorite character of the artist.
The print is framed under a 24 x 30 cm mat, with the print itself measuring 14 x 20 cm.
Delivered with a certificate from Moebius Production Editions.

Singing Malourde as seen by Moebius
"The singing Malourde is very, very beautiful. The genetic programming causes a progressive mineralization, meaning a sort of regression to a mineral state, causing the animal to gradually freeze and become immobilized, its texture hardening after about twelve days. After a period of time, perhaps two or three years, not only is it completely solidified, but in an absolutely extraordinary way, as the organs inside are like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc. It's absolutely fabulous!"


The frame is made of black matte rounded wood, with a very beautiful manufacture, 2.5 cm wide and with a smooth texture.
Frame made in France.

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