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Moebius Cavalcadeur Pigment Print Framed
Moebius Cavalcadeur Pigment Print Framed - Framed print

Framed print
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Moebius Cavalcadeur Pigment Print Framed


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Framed pigment print titled Cavalcadeur, based on imaginary creatures from the fauna of Mars, from a bestiary drawn by Moebius.
Here we find the entire universe of the Hermetic Garageunder the impulse of the famous Major Grubert, a favorite character of the artist.
The print is framed under a 24 x 30 cm mat, with the print itself measuring 14 x 20 cm.
Delivered with a certificate from Moebius Production Editions.

Cavalcadeur as seen by Moebius
"The seven-legged fauna of Mars is valued for its endurance. Year 3011 of the Galaxy. Major Gruber unveils the result of the experiments carried out by his artist-engineers, a combination of genetic engineering and nanotechnology, the famous "animals of Mars." Many of the dreams of ancient biologists are realized: coexistence of radial and bilateral symmetries, colonial animals in vertebrates, multiplication of legs in tetrapods, difficult-to-identify flying animals, complex decoys..."


The frame is made of black matte rounded wood, with a very beautiful manufacture, 3.5 cm wide and with a smooth texture.
Frame made in France.

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