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Moebius Zagzig Pigment Print Framed
Moebius Zagzig Pigment Print Framed - Framed print

Framed print
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Moebius Zagzig Pigment Print Framed


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Framed pigment print titled Zagzig, based on imaginary creatures from the fauna of Mars, from a bestiary drawn by Moebius.
Here we find the entire universe of the Hermetic Garageunder the impulse of the famous Major Grubert, a favorite character of the artist.
The print is framed under a 24 x 30 cm mat, with the print itself measuring 14 x 20 cm.
Delivered with a certificate from Moebius Production Editions.

Zagzig as seen by Moebius
"I acknowledge that there has been a slip-up here. What I also want to specify is that in the team, there were biogeneticists who were hired for financial reasons. These are people from Ganymede. You know, people from Ganymede are not very well liked and we know why. They rarely miss an opportunity to mock the human empire that has expanded at their expense. At that moment, I was not happy. Because the injection of human genes was originally prohibited. And the hands, the feet... I know you don't think with your feet and hands, although, I admit, it happens to me."


The frame is made of black matte rounded wood, with a very beautiful manufacture, 3.5 cm wide and with a smooth texture.
Frame made in France.

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