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Druillet serigraph : Salammbô Erotique 13


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Philippe Druillet serigraph : Salammbô Erotique 13
Year : 2010
Issue : 350 copies
Support : heavyweight Art paper chromomat 250g/m²

Dimensions : 29,6 x 42 cm


In 2009, Philippe Druillet revived the character of Salammbô, which he had staged from 1978 in a famous trilogy, to paint 42 portraits of him, as flamboyant as they were baroque and erotic.
Exhibited at the Pascal Gabert gallery in Paris in 2010, these paintings were printed in serigraphy for a portfolio published in 350 copies, which has become untraceable.
This serigraph is one of the plates, number 13.

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At the end of the 1970s, Philippe Druillet produced, in three volumes, the adaptation of Flaubert's novel: Salammbô. On the revolt of the former mercenaries of Carthage, Druillet attaches his baroque and flamboyant universe, so that this Salammbö is as much his as that of Flaubert! The trilogy will meet with both critical acclaim and public approval. In 2009, he reunited with Salammbô, the woman-goddess for 42 portraits ranging from power to eroticism, from the sensual (science fiction) to the lyricism he is accustomed to! Enter the world of Philippe Druillet and discover our vast selection of art posters and serigraphs, taken from his "Salammbô" series. Articles carefully chosen and selected for you from our editors.

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