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Gess Signed Ex-libris : Carmen McCallum, Diving


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Ex-libris signed and numbered on 60 copies of Gess: Carmen McCallum, Diving
Printing technique: Screen printing
Paper : heavyweight ragpaper

Dimensions: 19.5 x 30.2 cm

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Carmen Mc Callum is a science fiction series (still ongoing) created by Fred Duval and illustrated by Gess (up to volume 8), by Emem (up to volume 16) and since then by Stéphane Louis. The series takes place in a near future where advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and nanotechnology are ubiquitous and where multinationals are more powerful than states.
Carmen Mc Callum is a former IRA fighter of Spanish and Irish origin; now a mercenary, she uses her extensive skills to kidnap, escape, or sabotage, depending on the missions offered to her ... Often pursued, especially by the Yakuza, she is able to go as far as the Moon to hide !! The heroine is also surrounded by colorful characters, which offers more narrative possibilities. The series plays very well on its anticipation side to show us all the possibilities of a future world ...

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