The Regulator

The Regulator is a comic book series created by Eric Corbeyran (as the writer) and Marc Moreno (as the artist, later replaced by his brother Eric). It was first published in 2002 by Delcourt.
Set in a dystopian universe (post-apocalyptic due to ecological disruption) where crime has become legal, tormented and weary characters navigate a world where the future resembles a highly steampunk 19th century, with dark colors and intricate details.
Aristide Nyx is a regulator, a hitman who carries out tasks assigned to him by Hades (a sprawling organization that employs him) without questioning too much, primarily focused on surviving another day, even with the help of a machine that regenerates him.
However, his new mission is unusual: he must prevent a colleague, Scorpionne, from regulating a deputy...
Moreno, with complex, dense, and highly inspired visuals, showcases his talent through this classic yet beautifully dark story.

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