La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons

The Geste of Knight Dragons is a comic book series that currently has more than 30 albums. The scriptwriter is Ange (the name of the couple formed by Anne Montenay Guéro and Gerard Guéro) and the artists and colorists are numerous artists who have succeeded over the years, with the series starting in 1998. The first artist was Alberto Varanda.
This is a series of heroic fantasy set in an alternative Middle Ages where the appearance of a dragon spreads a strange disease called Veill. All geographically close creatures, whether animal or plant, are affected, struck with madness, and then transform into monsters before dying. To stop the Dragons (and thus the Veill), an Order has been formed, that of the Knight Dragons, made up exclusively of virgin women. Not only are virgins not affected by the Veill, but they can also approach dragons without their senses being awakened.
From album to album, the adventures follow different Knight Dragons (each album following a quest, a pursuit and finally the death of the hunted Dragon) in various locations, allowing the universe of the series to expand.

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