Nestor Burma

Nestor Burma, created by Léo Malet in 1942, has taken on many forms! From the first novel, 120, rue de la Gare, to radio, film, and television adaptations, and of course (what interests us the most here) the illustrations by Jacques Tardi, Burma has entered the collective imagination!
Burma is a former anarchist, a prisoner in a stalag during the war, who loves and wanders through Paris like no one else. He is verbose, sometimes to no end, and of course, like any good detective, he is a man of action, cunning, tough (fortunately, he is regularly beaten up), and always ready to defend justice and humanity.
Initiated by Jacques Tardi, who gave him his visual identity, the series was then taken over by Emmanuel Moynot and Nicolas Barral. Tardi (and his replacements) played a lot with the Parisian scenery, the districts, giving it a fully French visual identity.

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