Lanfeust de Troy

"Lanfeust de Troy" is a French comic series of the heroic fantasy genre, created by the French authors Christophe Arleston and Didier Tarquin. It was published by Soleil Productions between 1994 and 2000 and has several cycles and spin-offs. The series tells the adventures of Lanfeust, a young apprentice blacksmith living in the magical world of Troy. Lanfeust discovers he has magical powers and decides to go on a quest to master his powers and defeat the enemies threatening his world. He is accompanied by his friends Cixi, Tauryon, Triffid and other characters who help him in his quest. The series was a huge success in France and contributed to the notoriety of Soleil Productions. It was also adapted into video games. In addition to the original series "Lanfeust de Troy", several other series and spin-offs were derived from the Troy universe, each featuring different characters and distinct stories. Examples include "Trolls de Troy" (25 albums), "Les Conquérants de Troy" (4 albums), "Lanfeust des Étoiles" (8 albums).

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