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Ex-libris signed by Ralph Meyer: Assassination Lullaby - In the Snow


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Signed and numbered ex-libris out of 50 copies by Ralph Meyer: Lullaby Killer - In the Snow
Image belonging to the triptych Lullaby Killer, it should be noted that the ex-libris is printed in silkscreen and is signed and numbered HC out of 50 copies.
Support: Thick vellum paper

Dimensions: 16 x 25.5 cm

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Assassin Lullaby (by Ralph Meyer and Philippe Tome) is a psychological thriller that unfolds in 3 volumes (The Heart of Telenko, Martha's Legs, and Dillon's Memory) telling successively three intertwined stories.
While the first volume sheds light on Joe Telenko, the story is completely reconsidered in the second volume, and even more so in the third volume, where we understand who the real victim (and the meaning of the series title) of this 3-act tragedy is!

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