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Deluxe print on wood Blake & Mortimer: The U Ray - Scene 45


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Deluxe print on wood Blake & Mortimer: The U Ray - Scene 45
Image from the album The U Ray, originally published in 1942 in the Bravo magazine, during the German occupation of Belgium. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World, The U Ray is Blake and Mortimer before Blake and Mortimer. It contains all the elements that will contribute to the success of Jacobs' series, but without the presence of the two mythical heroes. A sequel to this legendary album was created by Van Hamme, Cailleaux, and Schréder in 2023: The Burning Arrow.

Printed on maple wood in a limited and numbered edition of 59 copies, certified on the back.
Print run: 59 numbered copies from 1 to 59 and an edition of 5 additional copies not for sale for rights holders.

Hanging on the back of the painting, ready to be hung on the wall.
Handcrafted collectible piece made in France.

Year: 2022
Medium: Maple wood
Dimensions: 31 x 20 cm

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Blake and Mortimer is a Belgian comic series created by Edgar P. Jacobs in 1946. It features the adventures of two main characters, Philip Mortimer and Captain Francis Blake, as well as many other secondary characters. The series takes place mainly in the early 20th century and is known for its scientific and historical realism. Philip Mortimer is a renowned scientist, specializing in physics and chemistry, while Captain Francis Blake is a British army officer. The two men are great friends and often work together to solve scientific mysteries or criminal plots. The series was first published in 1946 with the album "The Case of the Collar," which featured the first showdown between Mortimer and Blake against a common enemy, Colonel Olrik. Since then, many other albums have been published, following the adventures of Mortimer and Blake around the world. Some of the most famous albums in the series include "The Mystery of the Great Pyramid," "The Three Formulas of Professor Sato," and "The Yellow Mark." Jacobs also created many other secondary characters for the series, such as Professor Sato, a brilliant Japanese scientist, and Ernie, Mortimer's loyal assistant. The series has been hugely successful in Belgium and has been translated into many languages worldwide. In addition to its scientific and historical realism, the series is also known for its thrilling plot and quality artwork. After Edgar P. Jacobs's death in 1987, several writers and artists have succeeded him in continuing the Blake and Mortimer series. Among the writers who have contributed to the series are Yves Sente, Jean Van Hamme, Jean-Luc Fromental, and Ted Benoît. As for the artists, they include André Juillard, Bob De Moor, Bruno Melliti, Étienne Schréder, René Sterne, Chantal De Spiegeleer, Antoine Aubin, Peter van Dongen, Teun Berserik, and Christian Cailleaux. Each of these authors brought their own vision and unique style to the series, while respecting the legacy left by Jacobs. The series has continued to be a great success with fans and has been published in many countries around the world.

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