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Signed Ex-libris by Marini: The Eagles of Rome - The Attack


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Signed ex-libris by Enrico Marini, belonging to the world of The Eagles of Rome: The Attack
Promotional ex-libris, created in November 2013, by the publisher Dargaud, for the release of Volume 4 of the series The Eagles of Rome
Support: Beautiful slightly satin-finished Art vellum paper
Year: 2013

Dimensions: 21 x 25.5 cm

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In 11 B.C., in a Rome that had conquered the known world of that time, Ermanamer, a young prince of Germania, is offered as a slave to the conquerors of his father. He will grow up in Rome, alongside a young Roman of his age: Marcus. From the rivalry of their early training to the battles of adulthood, two destinies unfold in a world in turmoil! Enter the universe of Enrico Marini and discover our selection of art prints from his series "The Eagles of Rome." Carefully chosen and curated articles for you from our editors.

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