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Mézières Art Print : The Circle of Power
Mézières Art Print : The Circle of Power - Print 50 x 25 cm

Print 50 x 25 cm
35,00 €

Mézières Art Print : The Circle of Power - Framed print 50 x 25 cm

Framed print 50 x 25 cm
75,00 €

Mézières Art Print : The Circle of Power - Print 100 x 50 cm

Print 100 x 50 cm
49,00 €

Mézières Art Print : The Circle of Power


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Art Poster by Jean-Claude Mézières: Valérian & Laureline: The Circle of Power.
Medium: Thick vellum paper 250g/m².

The poster is available in two dimensions:
- 25 x 50 cm
- 50 x 100 cm


Frame Option:
Possibility of framing for the 25 x 50 cm dimension.
The frame is made of smooth-textured black wood with a flat profile, 2.5 cm wide.
Frame manufactured in France.

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"Valerian" is a must-read comic book series. Drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières and scripted by Pierre Cristin, it follows the adventures of Valerian, a spatio-temporal agent of the Galactic Empire, and his partner Laureline, as they seek to maintain order and peace in the universe. Created in 1967, the series has been a huge success with readers and has been translated into many languages. It has also been adapted into several films, video games, and TV series. Mézières's style is immediately recognizable thanks to his precise drawings and vibrant colors, which bring to life the characters and futuristic settings of the Valerian universe. His pages are often filled with details and references to science fiction and pop culture, adding an extra dimension to the stories. Cristin's script is also a key element of the series. It features dangerous intrigues and missions that Valerian and Laureline must face, navigating a universe filled with strange creatures and technologies. They are accompanied by secondary characters such as Commander Arün Filitt, Ambassador Zabel, and Professor Samiyah. Among the series' most famous albums are "Welcome to Alflolol," which follows the spatio-temporal agents on a rescue mission on a tropical planet, and "The Land Without Stars," which plunges them into the intrigues and plots of the floating city of Shingouz. "Valerian" is a true spatio-temporal adventure.

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