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Francq signed serigraph : Largo Winch - HéliVenture


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Signed and numbered serigraphy limited to 100 copies, by Philippe Francq: Largo Winch - HéliVenture.
In 2007, a group of helicopter pilots decided on an 8000 km journey between France and the United States (and back) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first vertical takeoff! With stopovers in Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and Canada, they paid tribute to the pioneers! This visual is the one used for the poster that presented this event.
Year: 2007
Medium: Thick 300g/m² vellum paper.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm

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The Largo Winch comic book series was created by Jean Van Hamme in 1988, with artist Philippe Francq. It was published in Belgium by Dupuis, before being translated and distributed in many countries around the world. We follows the adventures of Largo Winch, a young Yugoslav orphan secretly adopted by Nerio Winch, an old businessman heading a ten billion dollar financial empire. When Nerio is assassinated by a group executive, Largo inherits all his fortune and becomes the head of the huge multinational corporation known as the Groupe W. With the help of his friends Simon Ovronnaz, a former Swiss thief, and Freddy Kaplan, a former Israeli Air Force pilot living under Monaco nationality, Largo must face numerous plots and intrigues aimed at depriving him of his inheritance. Dealings, set-ups, hostile takeovers, and other schemes are on the menu of his new life in the world of high finance. Attracted, disgusted or subjugated by all these billions, Largo must also confront his past while fighting against an uncertain future. His adventures are thrilling and feature exotic settings and colorful characters. The Largo Winch comic book series was created in 1988 by Jean Van Hamme and Philippe francq and published by Dupuis. It is a must-read for adventure and suspense comic book fans. With Philippe francq's realistic and dynamic drawings and Jean Van Hamme's captivating script, Largo Winch is a comic book series considered to be the best-selling in the world, with over 400 million albums sold since its creation

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