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Ex-libris Enrico Marini: The Scorpion - The Bad Omen


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Enrico Marini's ex-libris, belonging to the universe of The Scorpion: The Bad Omen.
Advertising ex-libris, made in 2019, for the release of the album The Bad Omen.
Medium: Beautiful slightly satin Art vellum paper.
Year: 2019.

Dimensions: 19 x 26 cm

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Le Scorpion is a series created in 2000 by Enrico Marini and Stephen Desberg, telling the adventures of Armando Catalano, also known as The Scorpion, a trafficker of religious relics. In 18th century Italy (and France), the albums develop a conspiracy theory that pits the hero against nine families who hold power in the Vatican and thus decide the fate of Europe.
Since 2020, the drawings and colors have been handled by Luigi Critone, while Desberg is still responsible for the script.
Enter the world of the Scorpion and discover our selection of art posters and ex-libris, drawn from the series published by Dargaud. Carefully chosen and selected articles for you from our publishers.

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