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Decorative wall panel (Kakemono) on raw cotton canvas, ready to hang carried out with traditional french serigraph technic.
Traditional french serigraph on raw linen (Kakemono).
Material : raw cotton canvas, wood, hemp rope. Materials of French origin and of the European union origin

Because of the traditional non automated realization, the measurements are approximate and are given for information only.
Some variations can exist from a model to an other.
They are delivered in a cotton canvas sleeve with the pattern of the panel in serigraphy.

This product is realised with the license (c) Cong SA

Dimensions of the canvas : 55 x 95 cm

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The "Corto Maltese" comic book series by Hugo Pratt is an essential work of graphic literature. It follows the adventures of Corto Maltese, an adventurer and mercenary in search of hidden treasures and lost knowledge. The character of Corto Maltese was created in 1967 and has since been the hero of several albums featuring his adventures in different parts of the world. Pratt used this series to explore a variety of themes such as history, politics, and philosophy. Pratt's style is known for its precise drawings and subtle colors, which bring the characters and landscapes of his stories to life. His panels are often filled with details and references to history and culture, adding an extra dimension to his stories. Among the latest famous albums of the series, we can mention "Corto Maltese: La Ballade de la Mer Salée", which follows the adventurer in his quest for hidden treasures in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, and "Corto Maltese: La Cour secrète des Arcanes", which plunges him into the plots and intrigues of the court of Tsarina Catherine II.

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