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Framed Poster by Juanjo Guarnido : John and Natalia
Framed Poster by Juanjo Guarnido : John and Natalia - Framed print

Framed print
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Framed Poster by Juanjo Guarnido : John and Natalia


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Framed poster by Juanjo Guarnido: John and Natalia
Visual from volume 1 of John Blacksad's adventures, the detective cat: Somewhere Within the Shadows, featuring alongside John, the actress Natalia Willford.
Framed under plexiglass with a black wood frame, smooth texture, and flat profile of 2.5 cm width.
Wall hooks present on the back of the frame, ready to hang.
Poster dimensions: 18 x 24 cm
Total dimensions with frame: 23 x 29 cm

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The Blacksad comic book series by Juanjo Guarnido is a must-read in graphic literature. It follows the adventures of John Blacksad, a black anthropomorphic cat and private detective, in a world where all the characters are anthropomorphic animals. In the series, Blacksad is involved in mysterious affairs and puzzles to solve while navigating a world with complex racial and social relations. He is accompanied by secondary characters such as journalist Eva Cortés and gangster Al Catt. The series was first published in 1999 and has been a huge success with critics and readers. It has been translated into many languages and adapted into several films and video games. Guarnido's style is immediately recognizable due to his detailed drawings and rich colors, which bring life to the world of Blacksad. His panels are often filled with references to pop culture and history, adding an extra dimension to the story.

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